Shayona Tech: Crafting Excellence, Building Tomorrow with EterPride

From a distinctive logo to a functional website, the partnership positions Shayona Tech for success in diverse industries.

Shayona Tech
Logo | Website


1. Identity Establishment

Creating a distinctive brand identity in the competitive AEC, infra works, and Media and Entertainment sectors.

2. Comprehensive Brand Collateral

Developing a full suite of brand collateral, including a logo, stationery, letterhead, visiting card, and a dynamic website.


1. Strategic Branding

EterPride initiated a strategic branding process, delving into Shayona Tech's core values and objectives to craft a unique and impactful logo.

2. Holistic Brand Collateral

From logo stationery to a professional website, EterPride ensured a cohesive and professional visual identity for Shayona Tech across all touchpoints.


1. Distinctive Brand Image

Shayona Tech now boasts a distinctive and memorable brand image that resonates with its target audience.

2. Seamless Online Presence

The website designed by EterPride not only reflects Shayona Tech's expertise but also provides a seamless and engaging online experience.

3. Enhanced Credibility

The comprehensive brand collateral has contributed to Shayona Tech's credibility, positioning them as a preferred vendor with a strong and professional identity.


EterPride's collaboration with Shayona Tech stands as a testament to the power of strategic branding and design in establishing a strong and credible presence in diverse industries. From a distinctive logo to a fully functional website, the partnership has positioned Shayona Tech for success in the competitive landscape of AEC, infra works, and Media and Entertainment.

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