Seas of Success - National Maritime Heritage Complex at the International Museum Expo 2023

National Maritime Heritage Complex
Creative Design


1. Digital Presence: Establishing a compelling online presence to attract attention before the expo.

2. Stall and Panel Design: Creating visually captivating stall and panel designs that reflect the essence of the National Maritime Heritage Complex.

3. Multi-Platform Promotion: Crafting engaging content for Instagram and other platforms to maximize promotion.


1. Webpage Redesign: EterPride revamped the webpage, ensuring it showcased the richness of the National Maritime Heritage Complex.

2. Creative Stall and Panel Designs: Innovative designs that visually narrated the maritime heritage story, drawing visitors into the complex's world.

3. Multi-Platform Campaign: EterPride implemented a strategic social media campaign, crafting compelling content for Instagram and other platforms to generate buzz.


1. Enhanced Digital Presence: The redesigned webpage attracted a broader audience, creating anticipation for the expo.

2. Visually Captivating Stall: The stall design became a focal point, attracting visitors and conveying the richness of maritime heritage.

3. Social Media Engagement: The multi-platform campaign generated heightened engagement, reaching a wider audience and building excitement for the National Maritime Heritage Complex.


EterPride's collaboration with the National Maritime Heritage Complex for the International Museum Expo 2023 showcased the transformative power of creative digital strategies. The enhanced digital presence, captivating stall, and successful multi-platform campaign demonstrated the ability to navigate the digital seas and create waves of anticipation and interest. 

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