The Importance of a Mobile-First Creative Approach for Your Brand’s Digital Marketing

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August 29, 2022

The growth of mobile usage over the past several years has changed the way people engage with online brands, forcing companies to adjust their traditional digital marketing strategies to accommodate this new reality. If your brand’s website isn’t optimized to display well on mobile devices, you’re leaving money on the table, since consumers are increasingly using their phones to research products and services before making purchases. Here’s how you can make your brand more mobile-friendly.

1) What is a Mobile-First Creative Approach?
To ensure that your mobile users have access to your online content, you need to take a mobile-first creative approach. In layman’s terms, that means looking at how you can optimize your brand’s digital marketing for mobile devices first and foremost. The world is increasingly moving toward mobile usage, and if you aren’t considering how to make your websites work on small screens, you might be running behind soon enough.

2) Why is a Mobile-First Creative Approach So Important?
Consumers today are using their mobile devices in place of traditional computers to search for your brand online. However, only 21% of websites are responsive to mobile devices. If you aren’t meeting your customers where they are, then they may never find you. A mobile-first creative approach is crucial to ensuring that your digital marketing campaigns attract new users and build brand loyalty among current customers. Here’s why: ## Why is a Mobile-First Creative Approach So Important? * Mobile-first creative appeals to an increasing number of internet users.* Recent studies show that 81% of all time spent on digital media is via mobile devices. These numbers continue to grow as consumers move from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones. In order to best serve these consumers by delivering relevant ads, it’s important for brands to use tactics geared toward mobile audiences so they can connect with potential customers at all times while making it easy for them to take action.

3) How Can You Start a Mobile-First Creative Approach Today?
To start, you need to prioritize mobile. Not just in your content strategy—on every level. Remember that even desktop web design should be responsive design, where all content adjusts to fit on any screen size. For more, read Responsive Web Design is Here to Stay—So How Can You Start Today? at Digital Telepathy for additional insights on how you can get started with your own mobile-first creative approach today! Digital Telepathy is a full service marketing agency based out of Albany, NY and we pride ourselves on providing top quality marketing services and digital marketing solutions to brands across New York State and nationwide. To learn more about our strategies or our services, please contact us here .


You can start right now by creating engaging mobile experiences that will keep your visitors coming back for more. The best way to do so is to view your mobile users as first-class citizens, and make sure they receive content tailored to their device. Whether you create a new site or revamp an existing one, consider these ideas: • Make sure it’s easy to download high quality photos and images. • Use video sparingly but effectively. If you are making videos specifically for your mobile viewers, be sure that what you are producing suits their needs. That means keeping them short, simple and straightforward. If people have to struggle to figure out what you’re saying in your mobile video campaign because it doesn’t include clear narration or subtitles, they won’t bother watching it.