6 Leading Trends Shaping the Future of the Marketing Industry

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April 15, 2023
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

The world of marketing moves as quickly as light. It's not always easy for marketers of all skill levels to keep up with these changes." But it's essential to remain ahead of them if you want to thrive in the fast-paced world of marketing and keep your audience interested in you. No one can predict the future of marketing with complete certainty., but experts in the field may provide insightful analysis and make educated assumptions about some of the possibilities.

Branding and advertising are no longer enough; marketers now need to collaborate with other departments to create extraordinary customer experiences and entice customers to form lasting relationships.

What are the top influential trends that will shape the future of the marketing industry in 2023? We put up these 6 ideas for your company based on the most recent marketing trends.

1. Content will be made short by video marketers

The short video has transformed the marketing industry, and we believe it will continue to do so in 2023. A startling 90% of marketers that already use short-form video anticipate expanding or maintaining their investment in it in the upcoming year, while 1 in 5 marketers expect to use it for the first time in 2023.

While lengthy videos provide consumers with a lot of detail and information about a product, company, or service, B2C and B2B marketers have discovered that short videos are far more successful at getting to the point. Short-form videos require less bandwidth to produce and fit nicely with the fast-paced attention span. 

2. Conversational advertising

Sales and customer support were once structured processes. Making an inquiry used to take a lot of time and involved a phone call, a trip to the store, or in more recent times, an email or an online form. Representatives used to address customers as 'sir' or 'ma'am.'

Today? Customers may connect with sales and customer care representatives (as well as bots) via instant messaging. They resemble conversations you may have with a friend. The demand for personalization and more human-centered interactions, among other themes that we've previously discussed, is at the core of everything.

3. Strategic Marketing Transformation

The marketing industry is getting more and more complicated. Businesses will need to go above and beyond what they are now doing in order to tie everything together with the overarching goal of the organization in 2023. Your marketing goals and targets must be consistent with the overarching objectives of your company. The process by which a company operating without a strategic marketing strategy evolves by altering its core operational practices is known as a strategic marketing transformation.

Your strategic marketing strategy establishes objectives and chooses the marketing strategies you'll use, such as content marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, advertising, and offline marketing, to reach your target audience.

4. The use of influencers in marketing will become more widespread

In 2022, influencer marketing truly took off, and we forecast that this trend would continue into 2023. Why? 89% of marketers who use influencer marketing will grow or keep their investment in it in the upcoming year. When marketers work together with thought leaders and influencers in their sector, they may raise brand recognition and win supporters from the influencer's own audience.

Having trouble paying a celebrity influencer with millions of fans? That's alright. In fact, micro-influencers are employed by more than 56% of companies that use influencer marketing. Contrary to difficult-to-reach celebrities, audiences of micro-influencers are actually more inclined to believe their advice since they are still regarded as "ordinary" people.

5. Push Notifications 

Push notifications are becoming increasingly popular in digital marketing because of two reasons. First, it's growing more and harder to forge real connections with your audience using email marketing owing to its increasing saturation. Second, more and more consumers are using their mobile phones to do all kinds of online activity, including brand research and online buying.

Therefore, it makes sense that companies are using push notifications as a more efficient means of grabbing customers' attention. More than half of customers today enable marketers to contact them via push notifications on their phones.

However, when used properly, push notifications increases audience engagement, conversion rates, and open rates.

6. Automation of Content Using AI

Will the emergence of robots begin in 2023? Maybe, but preferably not in the dismal sci-fi movie Terminator style! Over the past several years, AI has made enormous strides, and there has been a significant rise in the number of companies employing AI-powered technology and automation to support their marketing initiatives.

One of the key technologies underlying voice search and smart assistants is AI.  Furthermore, it made chatbots possible, which are today more common than ever on websites. Automation and AI are assisting in removing some of the administrative tasks associated with marketing so that businesses can focus on strategy and creating wonderful client experiences.

Ready for 2023!

If you haven't already, it's time to start creating your 2023 marketing plan. Make sure you have a strategy for your objectives and how you're going to reach them before the New Year begins. Although marketing trends come and go, understanding your audience's requirements and communicating with them in a clear and consistent manner are the fundamentals of success.

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