4 ways through which AI is transforming digital marketing

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July 27, 2023
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Long gone are the days when AI was just a voice in your phone telling you information about your favorite restaurants, or ordering you to turn right at the junction. Throughout the past years, there have been exciting developments in the world of AI. The majority of the people do not realize, but a form of artificial intelligence has always been around in their lives, slowly working behind the scenes and increasing the efficiency of work. Best thing: they do not require any sort of validation for it!

The world of digital marketing is no different, when it comes to AI driven solutions that help in generating leads, revenue, impressions and ultimately growth of a business. The modern pace has enabled a client to explore opportunities to dwell into the market analysis and further increase the sales of their products/services. To compete with this demand, AI had to get smarter. Let us look at the ways that AI has penetrated the world of digital marketing.

Targeted marketing:

Dedicated digital marketing channels have resources to monitor a consumer's online behavior to be able to cater advertisements as per their online history. The use of AI is essentially the tool that identifies these characteristics and helps plan a call to action accordingly. Utilizing machine learning, these platforms are fed with ever transforming information that becomes increasingly efficient to target the relevant audience.

Content marketing:

AI based content marketing has spread widely due to the rising popularity of social media content. The never ending need for content has increased the potential of target customers exponentially. In this sphere, AI helps in identifying the habits of customers by pinpointing their likes and dislikes. Curating content which will enable them to talk about the product/service with their friends is also one of the key roles for AI based marketing. A smarter customer is appeased by smarter creatives. AI pushes marketers to generate better creatives and adapt with the change.

Identifying micro-influencers:

Influencers are a huge trend in the current marketing world. AI based software products are increasingly becoming more advanced so that they can identify the best face to represent your brand. Advertisers will generally use AI to identify micro influencers that have more potential to link with the brand. Building a niche audience has become the way to indulge the brand and increase its relatability with customers at ground level. It helps the advertisers reduce their overall marketing budget by securing a budget friendly proposition for you.

AI in CRM:

Customer Relation Management is the most crucial tool a marketer has in their arsenal. Mastering the CRM is an indicator of how closely your customers are linked with you. Here, the software manages the intrinsic details of a customer’s behavior. From their online shopping patterns, to the type of content they prefer on their social media portals, CRM helps keep a track on all these aspects. An AI driven CRM allows businesses to forecast sales across all sectors with an increased efficiency. Additionally, it can help identify multiple records of the same customer and take care of the repetition.

AI is the tool of choice for the future of marketing. It is only a matter of time when the full scale effect of the technology is realized by most of the players. Its implications are vast, and the risk is low. The time to adopt is now or never!