4 ways digital landscape is changing nature of ads

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July 27, 2023
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

The digital display landscape is a collection of digital and physical platforms that together form an ecosystem that helps the digital ecosystem flourish. These include websites, social media, e-commerce platforms, and the user generated original content that is available on various platforms, as well as hardware like mobiles, computers, etc.
When a single organization makes use of all these display platforms in a streamlined way, their presence becomes known across the consumers of said platforms.

Social Media Landscape:

These include Facebook, Instagram, etc. They essentially guide the major crux of the population to create a recollection and help consumers keep a track and interact about the advertised products.

Technology Landscape:

These are the instruments through which a consumer can access the digital platforms mentioned above. They include the hardware, infrastructure like mobiles, computers, etc.

Media Landscape:

This is the arena where the news and information is displayed. The products/services being advertised are subjected to most scrutiny by consumers, arguably on here.

Marketing Landscape:

These are the digital tools like advertising, performance marketing that help the advertisers reach directly to the consumers.

It is extremely crucial for an advertiser to utilize all these platforms in a streamlined manner to build an effective communication with the customer. Most companies cannot afford to miss out on using digital platforms to jumpstart their businesses. Connecting with the audience has become increasingly important for a brand, and advertising plays an important role in that.